(8:00pm) Waker was founded by childhood friends  and songwriting duo Chase Bader (Vocals, Acoustic) and Conor Kelly (Electric Guitar). The group hails from Nashville, mashing soul, rock & roll , & funk into an eclectic, danceable sound, focusing on songs that aim for the heart, head... and feet.

Originally known as Koa, Waker christened in late summer 2016 following the addition of Dave Czuba (Drums) and David Crutcher (Keyboards) to the already talented lineup of Ryan Ladd (Bass), Alex Mathews (Saxophones), and Ryan McClanahan (Percussion).

With a name that stems from the line, “Getting close to bedtime, time to wake,” in their song, “Fever,” The intention has always been clear, to “wake people” with their music. In a short amount of time, the band has already conquered festival stages at Bonnaroo, ACL, Hangout, SXSW, Firefly, and Wakarusa. They’ve toured with Blues Traveler, JJ Grey & Mofro, Moon Taxi, Galactic, the Wailers, recorded a session for Audiotree Live, and headlined shows across the country.

Since the release of their 2015 EP, the band has continued their nonstop regiment of touring & writing. Before the summer of 2017, Waker released two singles, "Wake Me Up" & "Pike", both of which will be featured on their debut album due sometime in 2018.

Waker is an experience meant to be shared with others.

Check out their website: Waker

Opening act - Caney Creek Company

(7:00pm) From the beginning, Caney Creek Company has been a story of friendship. The group formed around songwriter Konstantine Vlasis, who turned his fascination with the banjo into a full-fledged band. He recruited Katie and Corey Bradford and Drew Streip, none of whom were bluegrass pickers. Three of them weren’t even playing their primary instrument.

Their first rehearsal started with three songs and no expectations but to have fun. However, it was evident that they had promise. Friends and family convinced them to keep writing songs; soon they had upwards of ten originals. Doug Ford, a longtime family friend, joined the band. Within weeks of buying his first upright bass, he was integral to the group. They learned covers, honed their instrumental chops, and even started thinking about their appearance. Most important: They booked some gigs outside of the living room.

It would be easy to categorize Caney Creek Company as a bluegrass band based on their lineup of traditional instruments. However, their sound continues to progress, often including elements of folk and indie rock with equal frequency. Meanwhile, their approach to songwriting remains true to the storytelling tradition of Americana. It’s a sonic formula that appeals to all generations. Like a wedding vow, the songs will see you through sickness and health, wealth and wanting, some bad times—but especially the good ones.

They brought those good vibes to a series of shows in early 2016. Their breakout performances included the River City Sessions and the 2016 Road to Nightfall contest, where they advanced to the finals and earned an opening spot for The Ballroom Thieves. The experience was eye-opening. They realized how much they loved performing, and also how much more work it would take to meet their growing expectations. Caney Creek Company has also played Riverbend Music Festival and other music festivals and venues across Tennessee.

Entering their second year as a full band, Caney Creek Company is looking forward to a busy fall schedule of rehearsals and performances. They just released a short documentary and are beginning to plan their full-length debut album.

Check out their video: Caney Creek Company

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