Travers Brothership

Travers Brothership


(8:00pm) Songwriters. Singers. Multi-instrumentalists. Brothers. At only 25, twins Eric Travers and Kyle Travers have been writing songs and stunning live audiences for well over half their lifetime. Presenting a soulful, bluesy, taste of rock n’ roll spun in psychedelic jam, Travers Brothership; also including singer/bassist/songwriter, Josh Clark, and keyboardist/songwriter/percussionist, Ian McIsaac, create a fierce and balanced team, strengthened by the 12 years they’ve spent together on and off the road. The band first met in 2007 on a school bus in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Soon after the twins were invited by Josh and Ian to get off at their bus stop for a jam in a garage, little did they know this was history in the making. After numerous jams and a few lessons from Eric and Kyle’s father (and veteran touring musician) “Hurricane” Bob Travers, Travers Brothership was formed in 2012. With over 400+ shows across the United States and Europe under their belts, the band has become a well oiled machine, performing alongside acts such as; Gov’t Mule, Taj Mahal, Moe., Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Blues Traveler, Charles Bradley, Leftover Salmon,The Marcus King Band, Dr. John, and many more.Travers Brothership are consummate musicians and live music aficionados with a deep understanding of their preferred genres. Utilizing the band's unmatched live energy, they create a concert atmosphere that transforms an audience into a community and their enthusiasm, gusto, and talents carry the day. In 2018 Travers Brothership brought their instrumental prowess and tasteful songwriting to Echo Mountain Recording Studios in their hometown of Asheville, NC, where they recorded their latest album “Let The World Decide” adding to their already abundant catalog and setting a new bar for the band musically.

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Opening act - Randy Steele

(7:00pm) The longtime frontman for the popular band Slim Pickins Bluegrass titled his critically acclaimed 2017 full length debut Songs from the Suck after Suck Creek, which merges with the Tennessee River close to his home. In the early days before TVA dammed the rivers, it was a notorious section of rapids that would break boats. Just below that is Moccasin Bend, a 1,000 acre peninsula sitting on the edge of the river – and the inspiration for the title of Moccasin Bender, Steele’s new 6-track EP follow-up that blends his passions for acoustic based storytelling and banjo picking with more raucous, slide guitar-driven songs.  Leading Slim Pickins Bluegrass since 2008, Steele has held court with legendary live performances on some of the Southeast’s most prominent stages, and played everywhere from California to Belgium and Holland. His popularity among traditionalists in that world initially led him to hesitate about launching a concurrent solo career with tracks featuring slide guitar and drums – but the critical acclaim, festival invites award recognition he received for Songs from the Suck has inspired him to continue on his inspiring dual journey. The 16thAnnual Independent Music Awards has nominated Songs from the Suck for Bluegrass Album of the Year and earned him selection as one of ten top emerging artists by the Blast on the Bay Songwriter’s Festival on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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