The Unlikely Candidates

The Unlikely Candidates


(8:00pm) Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, the Unlikely Candidates are an indie rock band initially formed as an acoustic duo by childhood friends Kyle Morris and Cole Male in 2008. Eventually expanding the lineup to include guitarist Brenton Carney, bassist Jared Hornbeek, and drummer Kevin Goddard, the bad was also able to expand its sound in bigger, more sweeping directions. In 2013, the Unlikely Candidates signed on with major-label Atlantic and released their debut EP, Follow My Feet. In early 2016, the band returned with a hooky new single in “Your Love Could Start a War,” which made a strong showing on Billboard’s Alternative Songs Chart. Two new releases arrived from the band in 2017: the hook-laden Bed of Liars EP and the Danger to Myself EP.

Check out their website: The Unlikely Candidates

Opening act - Sam Killed the Bear

(7:00pm) Sam Killed the Bear is a band that thrives on bringing new life to the Rock music you used to love on the radio before beat machines and auto-tune began dominating the airwaves. We like to bring back the feels from yesteryear with a flair that keeps things fresh. We have played from Knoxville, Tennessee to Huntsville, Alabama.  We’ve played from Nashville, TN to Atlanta, GA, and we aren’t stopping there. This March, Sam Killed the Bear will begin the March Down South EP Release Tour at JJ’s Bohemia in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and we’ll be travelling to Columbus, Georgia, St. Augustine, Florida, and finishing up in Atlanta, Georgia.

Check out their video: Sam Killed the Bear

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