Maria Jordania

Maria Jordania & No Pressure


(9:00pm) Maria Jordania has been a musical force in Chattanooga for several years. Her sound is constantly evolving, from the cool jazz and funk sounds of Smooth Dialects, to one of the voices behind Tennessee's Dead. Her collaborations with Danimal Planet or as a duo with Tyler Martelli is always a treat. As a fan, you don't want to look away because you might just miss the next installment of Maria's fascinating career. A commanding stage presence, fashion icon when she walks in a room, a Maria Jordania (LVNDR) is a show not to be missed.

Check out their website: Maria Jordania & No Pressure

Behold The Brave

(8:00pm) Nashville based rock band.

Check out their video: Rocky Mountain Strawberry

Barry Gilreath

(7:00pm) Musician from Cleveland, TN area.


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