The Commonheart

The Commonheart


(8:00pm) Formed to invoke emotion through tone and energy, The Commonheart is a band configured of up and coming artists from the Pittsburgh area. With gritty vocals over rock riffs and horns, The Commonheart delivers an emotion-packed, soulful sound that lights up any stage. Frontman Clinton Clegg is a powerhouse who commands full attention with his limitless onstage energy and vocal range. The new album “Grown” is a remarkable display of each member’s talent interlacing heavy blues, soul, and gospel influence across trumpet, saxophone, keys, guitar, and singers. The Commonheart’s sound is a true testament to the past while completely holding its own as one of today’s most promising acts.

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Opening act - Burn the Treaty

(7:00pm) The story of Burn the Treaty, the explosive emerging duo of indie singer/songwriter Morgan Bracy and rocker Scott Carter, is one of powering through disappointment and heartache to find hope on the other side, and never giving up on finding one’s truest mode of expression no matter the odds. Driven by a hybrid folk, country, Americana and rock vibe they dub “Spooky Roots,” the Nashville based musical and life partners tap into life’s crazy roller coaster of emotions on their hard hitting, stylistically eclectic debut EP Sticks and Stones. The project was produced by Mitch Dane (Jars of Clay, Blind Boys of Alabama) at Sputnik Sound and features some of Music City’s top session players. The fascinating road that led Morgan (lead vocals, guitar) and Carter (guitar, vocal harmonies) to fall in love and ultimately decide to create new chapters in their musical lives began five years ago, after both had taken long hiatuses from performing and recording. When the two met in 2013, both were ready for a fresh creative beginning. Bracy had released two well received independent pop/country albums (Dirty Laundry, End of Cinderella) but, in the wake of a major life change, had to choose survival over music and entered the corporate world. Carter was a rock and roller whose Chattanooga based band Madfish Willy played festivals, local bars and scored some radio airplay. The two met around a campfire in a hidden cabin community in the middle of the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina one midnight. They were asked to come play music for an annual pig roast the community holds, and the two literally met as they played across the fire from each other. Though Morgan and Scott hit it off immediately, it took them a while to write a song together that gelled and they both loved. Once Scott moved to Nashville, they got married and found their groove while writing and producing the music that evolved into Sticks and Stones.

Check out their video: Burn the Treaty

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