The Dead Deads


(9:00pm) Nashville-based rock band The Dead Deads are cherry-picking everything good about grunge, hard rock, indie, classic metal and punk, and creating memorable and fun alternative music for rock fans across generations and genres. They are that “up-and-coming” band that touring artists have known and loved at first sight.

Check out their website: The Dead Deads

The Afternooners


Gino Fanelli

(7:00pm) In August of 2015, Detroit-based jazz musician, Gino Fanelli, relocated to Lookout Mountain, Georgia in pursuit of something new. Having played every genre from rockabilly to western swing and jazz, Fanelli eventually forged his signature style N’awlins party jazz, which he has spent the last 15 years honing. Fanelli’s combination of guitar virtuosity, good-time music and charismatic stage banter--coupled with his charming vintage mien--has earned him a reputation as the go-to guy for club bookings, events, weddings and more.

Check out their video: The Morning Glory ( Cocka-doodle-do)


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